Energy Rating System Explained

Since energy is subjective, and the same recipe can cost more energy one day than the next, I wanted to explain my ratings so that you have a better understanding of what they really mean. All recipes are rated as if you were using all the tips I suggest.


Low Energy recipes require minimal physical effort, have lots of breaks, or can be made very easy with a few kitchen tools.

Medium Energy recipes require some physical effort that can't be replaced with a tool, like cubing or doing large cuts of meat or vegetables or stirring a stir fry.


Higher Energy recipes require even more physical effort that can't be replaced with a tool for longer periods of time. Like kneading dough for several minutes.

High Energy recipes are very demanding physically. I will have very few of these on the blog, but sometimes a special occasion calls for some special food.


My goal is to make the majority of the recipes here low or medium energy so that you can make them almost anytime. But if a recipe is really good and worth the extra energy I'll share it with tips as I can to make it easier.